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Burnout Velvet Beaded Shawl
Burnout Velvet Beaded Shawl

A04088b Antique Gold Beaded long fringed Burnout Velvet Triangle shawl has been dyed to match the long fringed belt. This shawl can be worn around the shoulders as shown or around the hips. The long beaded fringe catches the eye and makes a powerful statement. This color has been the most popular, however also available in all the colors in the color chart. It has been dyed to match the belt. Matching beaded fringe sewn to the shawl makes this a WOW item. One size triangle shape. Price is $260

AO7b An oblong shawl is also available. $198

16b Shown with the Luggage suede long fringed curly belt has long beaded fringe added at the base of the yoke. This style has been a favorite in many colors, each time the beaded fringe varies a little. The model is wearing this over a flesh cat suit. This also looks great over jeans, lace leggings, or a skirt. Sized XS-L. Belt: $525

A09 is the matching suede and beaded necklace with Velcro back closure. Necklace is $95.

Price: $260